• Meandering Daisy

Amongst the Gnarled Junipers.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Thirty minutes from Bend is a vineyard that sits amongst the gnarled juniper trees and fragrant sagebrush of the Central Oregon High Desert. Who would ever guess such a lush oasis exists.

As we pulled into the vineyard, the sun was setting on The Three Sisters Mountains skyline off in the distance. Orange clouds danced over the snow-crested tops of the mountains named Faith, Hope & Charity. With rolling hills of sun-drenched grapevines that lay like a welcome mat in front of the mountains. This was just part of the view from Faith, Hope & Charity Vineyard, host to Live At the Vineyard music event.

Sounds of laughter intertwined with the melodies of a banjo, bass, & violin. The music floated over the crowd of listeners sitting on the lush carpet of green grass in front of the Black-eyed Susans lining the pond's reflective waters. I found myself taking in all this glory while sitting around a table of great friends, dangerously tasty sangria & wood-fired pizza.

Off to the left was a group celebrating a young man's 85th birthday. To the right was another group of girlfriends enjoying a girls' night out. And children run, play, and dance to the sounds of The Doc Ryan Band.

Memories were created that night, memories that will never be lost.

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