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Portuguese Farmhouse -- Greatness!

The secret gate hidden from the main road slowly opens and the van drives down a gravel road, across a wooden bridge, and up to a beautiful Portuguese farmhouse. There are hopes that the months of anticipation of the evening event will not disappoint. A large black dog is the first to welcome the van as it approaches the home. The driver leaves the guests in the good hands of the dog and the two smiling farmhouse owners. As soon as their feet hit the gravel driveway a feeling of comfort and ease washes over them. It's going to be a good night.

Introductions are made, and Chuck the dog eagerly wants to show his new guests around. Veronica and Victor guide the guests into a house that was built by Veronica's grandfather. The guests are drawn in by the detailed design of the wood floors. Off to the right is a living room that still holds the charm of the original owners. Veronica tells of a time when several generations gathered in this room to celebrate holidays, and share stories. If the floors and walls could talk I am sure the tales they would tell would be full of laughter and love.

As the guests are guided deeper into the home, off to the left is a beautiful kitchen with tile on the walls and marble counters. The sink and drainer are also made of marble and are original. The guests can feel centuries of meals made with love in this kitchen. Next, it's down the staircase to the dining area.

Wow, a table is set for 6, a white tablecloth with pink flowered garland running down the center. White and pink dishes at each place setting and olives, bread, and charcuterie are placed at various places on the table. The guests pass the lovely table and walk out on the cobblestone patio. The view is to die for… shades of greens in both blades of grass and various trees are pleasant to the eye. The quiet peacefulness and calmness in the land are like nowhere else the guests can imagine. Victor does the honors of pouring local wine. The 4 guests and their hosts consume 2 bottles of very smooth and tasty Vinho Blanco. The great conversation of the new friendships keeps everyone out in the perfect outdoor setting for some time. But hunger ensues and the 6 new friends make their way to the next part of the perfect night.

Dinner! As Veronica goes up to the kitchen, Chuck makes his way around to the table to make sure that all are having a good time, and maybe to size up his new friends to see which of them will sneak him some table scraps. Victor is always ready with a bottle of wine to make sure that his friends’ wine glasses are topped off at all times. Veronica serves a tasty Portuguese meal complete with items from the host's garden, and resident chickens. The meal that is prepared is delightful to the palate.

The van driver kindly waits for the dinner party to end to take the guest back to their hotel. Much to the dismay of all the new friends, the evening must come to an end. The months of anticipation did NOT disappoint.

Great food, great environment, great wine, great conversation, and most importantly great new friends.

Thank you Lazy Flavors!

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Kati Carrapa
Kati Carrapa
Sep 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

That also sounds so lovely! I wish you would have described even more - above all each course, and how it tasted and pictures of it. But of course experiencing it in real life would be the best thing! You are a great story teller!

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