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Purposefully Meander with Me

Updated: Aug 1

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Ha, if only the journey of life could follow this principle.

The journey of life is full of curves and loop-te-doos, it is never the straight line we want it to be. We often go down a path, be it long or short, only to find out that it could have been much shorter, different, or even that it was the wrong path altogether. Many of us end up meandering through the journey of life not knowing exactly how to straighten the path up a little to make it a more purposeful journey.

Hello, I am Soni Kennedy, welcome to my blog Meandering Daisy. Here I hope to share practical life skills and advice with you. We all sort of meander through life not always knowing how to get through purposefully. Because I have meandered longer than some, I hope to share skills and advice on topics such as financials, nutrition, relationships, and much more.

Follow me as together we find ways to Purposefully Meander through the journey of life.

Please comment below on subjects of interest.

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