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Once A Market.....

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The whirling sound of the espresso machine, the sizzling from the kitchen, and the smell of fresh-baked bread. Behind the case, you find fresh baked cookies and cinnamon rolls with creamy glaze running over the sides. In the distance is a red and orange flame in the red-bricked oven that’s used for cooking menu items and daily specials that are listed in red, blue, and yellow chalk signs hanging from the ceiling. All these sensations are in the first few seconds of walking in the front door.

Upon entering, people are scattered around. In the corner sits a man sipping on coffee transfixed on his computer; maybe he’s planning his next adventure, or perhaps he is one of the many digital nomads or telecommuters that call Bend home. Four buddies in another corner are laughing and sharing stories. Sitting in front of the windows that frame the peaceful neighborhood streets lined with trees that cover the full spectrum of shades of green, are two men discussing future plans of a business venture.

As you walk further in, under fans that hang from the ceiling with wooden blades, you look ahead to see shelves of bottles of red and white wine. And off to the left of the entrance is a cooler that runs the length of the wall filled with adult beverages, along with milk, juices, and kombucha. In front of the coolers sit boxes with red tomatoes, green lettuce, strawberries, and much more, all part of the morning delivery of local and organic ingredients to be used in the skillfully prepared menu items. A bar harboring swivel chairs allows patrons to overlook the kitchen. A brick wall runs down the middle of the dining area. All are reminders that this west side historic building was once a market called Delaware Market. Now the building is a neighborhood cozy gathering place, bakery, and farm-to-table eatery called Jacksons Corner.

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