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Sharing practical life skills and advice to help you purposefully meander through life

  • Welcome to Meandering Daisy!  Purposefully meander with me as we dive into life's experiences of finances, nutrition, hobbies, and travel. 

  • Hello, I am Soni Kennedy, welcome to my blog Meandering Daisy. Here I hope to share practical life skills and advice with you. We all sort of meander through life not always knowing how to get through purposefully. Because I have meandered longer than some, I hope to share skills and advice on topics such as finances, nutrition, travel, and much more.

  • Follow me as together we find ways to Purposefully Meander through the journey of life.

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But I want it NOW!!

I started this blog post well over a month ago, I wanted to go into detail about delayed gratification and why I thought it was such a...

The “B”-Word…. Budget!

Congratulation, you have tracked your spending and know where your money goes. And you have given thought to the difference between needs...

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