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Meandering Daisy

Welcome to Meandering Daisy, follow us as we travel near and far, sharing our  experiences with different foods and libations we try and as we encounter different cultures. You will also find we’ve added the occasional random muse.This is a unique blog where we express our natural curiosity about the amazing world around us.  The writings by Meandering Daisy allows us to share our passions and thoughts with loyal readers. Please read on, we hope you enjoy.

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Portuguese Farmhouse -- Greatness!

The secret gate hidden from the main road slowly opens and the van drives down a gravel road, across a wooden bridge, and up to a...

Amongst the Gnarled Junipers.

Thirty minutes from Bend is a vineyard that sits amongst the gnarled juniper trees and fragrant sagebrush of the Central Oregon High...

Once A Market.....

The whirling sound of the espresso machine, the sizzling from the kitchen, and the smell of fresh-baked bread. Behind the case, you find...

Learning Bend

Scavenger Hunting in Bend By Soni Kennedy, A Meandering Daisy ITWPA Member Bend Oregon, nestled in the midst of the Cascade Mountains,...

CrossCut-Warming Hut #5

Nestled on a busy Bend corner, across from the Box Factory, is a one of Bends many Tap Houses, CrossCut-Warming Hut #5. Here you will...

Ax Throwing

As you walk in it smells like a saw mill cutting fresh boards. Around you are gray industrial tables in the middle, and ax throwing cages...

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